Part 5: What does SASE mean for SMEs?

Our final blog in the SASE project guide series looks at what SASE means for SME’s, including why they should adopt SASE and what the best approach is.

By: Darran Clare

Part 4: SASE Implementation Strategies

In previous blogs, we’ve covered what SASE is along with different scenarios where you might want to consider deploying SASE. After drawing up a short-list of solutions and an outline plan you are now ready to get started with your SASE project!

By: Darran Clare


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    Part 3: How to go about comparing SASE vendors

    In the next part of the SASE guide series, we take a more in-depth look at what SASE is and what different vendors are currently offering in the market.

    By: Darran Clare

    Part 2: SASE Transformation Project Scenarios

    In part 2 of our SASE project guide series we take a more in-depth look at the scenarios that are driving large enterprises and SMEs to adopt SASE as a framework.

    By: Darran Clare

    Part 1: When to consider a SASE (Secure Access Service Edge) architecture

    What is SASE and when should your company be looking at this new cloud-based approach to networking and security? Find out more in our introduction to SASE blog.

    By: Darran Clare

    4 tips for managing the move to a new Cloud-native WAN architecture

    Read tips on the design process, overcoming resistance to change within IT, whether to stick with one or multiple service suppliers and how the SASE architecture can help.

    By: Darran Clare

    Understanding the Full Cost-savings and Benefits of Cloud Native WAN

    Moving to a Cloud native WAN is not just about monthly cost savings. Read how other benefits, such as productivity and the end-user experience can be enhanced.

    By: Darran Clare

    Building a Multi-Layered Security Strategy through Zero Trust Network Access

    Remote working and multi-cloud initiatives are increasing, extending the network perimeter, making it harder to control access to sensitive data. Read how SD-WAN and SASE can be used to build a Zero Trust Network.

    By: Darran Clare

    Can Cloud native WAN deliver the same levels of security and application performance as MPLS?

    Security is frequently quoted as a reason to continue using MPLS. This blog discusses the pros and cons of MPLS in the move to cloud and web services and securing the WAN edge.

    By: Darran Clare

    From MPLS to Cloud Native Infrastructure “the Future of Application Delivery”

    The enterprise infrastructure has changed considerably with organisations undertaking digital transformation projects. In this blog, we discuss the future of application delivery – from MPLS to cloud native infrastructure.

    By: Darran Clare

    Artificial intelligence (AI) Prevents Sensitive Data Loss in DMS Platforms

    As AI becomes an important part of the legal industry, how can it help prevent sensitive data loss in Document Management Systems (DMS) through Machine Learning?

    By: Darran Clare

    DSP Toolkit and the additional challenge it presents NHS organisations

    Darran Clare gives his view on the “Data Security and Protection” (DSP) toolkit and the additional opportunities and challenges it presents NHS organisations.

    By: Darran Clare

    Guest Blog from Peter Berry of Beacon Consultants

    In the midst of COVID-19 and with many businesses adapting to more flexible and agile environments, how do we ensure security of information and how do businesses stay safe in the new data world?

    By: Beacon Consultants

    Supply Chain Risk in a Viral World

    Impact on the global supply chain during COVID-19 has led many businesses longing for more visibility and agility. But how will they create a risk ready supply chain that diversifies supplier regions and builds more agility into the relationships?

    By: Jon Cullum

    Hackers Know Your OT Weaknesses: How to Solve the Legacy Risk

    What are the options when your high-cost and long-life devices are running legacy operating systems? Organisations without significant capital investment to replace them are facing this reality, which has not gone unnoticed by cybercriminals.

    By: Darran Clare

    Securing Xero with 2FA – Watch the Step-by-Step Video

    Sensitive data in financial applications is extremely important to keep protected. For users of Xero, there is a free opportunity to utilise 2FA to effectively add a layer of protection. Watch our step-by-step video to learn how.

    By: Darran Clare

    Are your cloud security tools telling you half the truth?

    How can SECOPS teams be expected to effectively analyse, monitor, and improve an organisation’s security posture that extends to multiple environments, without proper data visibility being sent to existing tools?

    By: Darran Clare

    Monthly Threats May 2020

    Cyber threats exposed in May 2020 include multiple vulnerabilities in Google Chrome Browser and new phishing tactics taking advantage of Google Firebase and Microsoft Sway.

    By: Daniel Morris

    Monthly Threats April 2020

    Threats and news this month include Microsoft postponing disabling basic authentication, the sectors most likely to fall for phishing attacks and fixes released for a critical vulnerability in VMware vCenter Server.

    By: Daniel Morris

    Overcome 7 MFA Security Deployment Challenges

    We discuss challenges we have seen when deploying Multi-Factor Authentication in organisations and how each of them can be assessed individually and resolved.

    By: Darran Clare

    Top 10 SD-WAN and SASE Statistics

    What is SASE? Read our top 10 SD-WAN and SASE facts and statistics from our recent industry research report to learn more.

    By: Darran Clare

    Equipped to Detect and Prepared to Respond

    As anybody who’s ever configured and monitored a firewall, set up a SIEM programme or spent about 15 seconds in a SOC will tell you, modern security software generates a LOT of alerts and notifications.

    By: Darran Clare

    Monthly Threats March 2020

    Learn from 6 cyber threats in March. Topics this month include NCSC work from home guidance for IT administrator and Microsoft ending support of basic authentication for Office 365.

    By: Daniel Morris

    FCA joins hands with the ICO. What does this mean for financial services?

    The FCA and the ICO have had a close relationship for many years. In February 2019, the FCA and the ICO released an updated Memorandum of Understanding, outlining a framework for stronger cooperation between the two parties.

    By: Gavin Smith

    Monthly Threats February 2020

    Threats uncovered this month include a malicious email campaign taking advantage of Coronavirus concerns and a WordPress plugin with a critical vulnerability.

    By: Daniel Morris

    Monthly Threats January 2020

    Learning from 6 focus business threats from January 2020 that you need to be vigilant for. Read our consolidated monthly threat summary.

    By: Daniel Morris

    Monthly Threats December 2019

    Learning from 6 focus business threats from December 2019 that you need to be vigilant for. Read our consolidated monthly threat summary.

    By: Daniel Morris