Overcome Business IT Challenges from WAN Security to Incident Response

Our focus is on your business challenges, driving you toward digital resilience tackling issues such as incident response and WAN security. Both SMEs and enterprises now face a rapidly evolving landscape in terms of technology, risks and management demands.

The team at Accelerate are here to support you in meeting those demands, be that with technology advice, project support or managed services. Our understanding is built on our broad experience in the IT channel across vendors, distributors and partners. Accelerate’s team have specialised in areas including cyber security, SASE, SD-WAN and digital transformation. Building on that experience we work in areas that continue to challenge IT teams such as: remote worker and WAN security; user awareness and phishing simulation and incident response and management.

Read below about some of the business IT challenges we are focused on and how to combat them.

Multi-Factor Authentication Solutions Round-up 2023

Security awareness has grown. So, you would think that MFA has also been implemented in our business lives as well. But, in this annual round up, and reviewing some of the 2022 statistics, it was surprising to see that many companies have yet to implement MFA for access to their business systems.

SD WAN & SASE improve application performance & visibility for global businesses

If you are a global manufacturer with offices and manufacturing facilities around the world, especially in countries such as China and India, ensuring flexible, cost-effective connectivity and application performance can be a particular challenge.