What is / Digital Resilience?

There are many different terms banded about in the world of IT Security, and it can be confusing and difficult to understand the difference between the concepts. Some commonly coined terms are “Cyber Security”, “Business Resilience”, “Cyber Resilience”, and “Digital Resilience”, and in our opinion they can be explained as follows:

Cyber Security

Cyber security refers to the technologies and processes that can be deployed to protect IT systems, networks, and data from cyber-attacks.

Business Resilience

Business resilience is about a company’s ability to continue operating in the event of disruption, and to return to business as usual as quickly as possible and with minimum impact.

Digital Resilience

Digital resilience (or cyber resilience) combines the concepts of business resilience and cyber security, and refers to an organisation’s ability to robustly manage its digital risk whilst continuously delivering business services to its stakeholders in any situation.

5 Steps / to Achieve Cyber Resilience and Readiness

Resilience is not a product or service that can be purchased and deployed. It is the design and implementation of business processes and controls to survive a Cyber attack and buy time to contain a breach while continuing to do business.

Why wait for a breach? Implemented correctly today, resilience delivers competitive advantage. Read our 5 steps to achieve cyber resilience & readiness.

Cyber Security x Business Resilience = Digital Resilience


Data is often considered a business’ most valuable asset. Protecting that information whilst ensuring the business is always on should be high on any company’s agenda regardless of size. Unfortunately, despite the best efforts to prevent a cyber attack, it is more a case of when not if you will suffer a breach. Losing data permanently, or even just for a period of time, can cause significant losses. Sometimes those losses are catastrophic and cannot be overcome. The ability to contain and recover from a breach quickly will reduce the impact significantly and this is why we encourage our clients to look at the bigger digital resilience picture.

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Start with a Digital Resilience Assessment

Accelerate Technologies offers a Digital Resilience assessment, that will assess each key area of your business, analysing the underpinning technology, people, and processes in order to give you a snapshot of your current state of digital resilience. Once we have that benchmark, we can produce a tailored plan with you to achieve your desired level of resilience, and ensure it is nurtured and maintained as the risk and technology landscapes evolve.

Start Your Assessment
Cyber Security Assessment

The Assessment

Accelerate’s approach identifies your digital risk, and combines trusted technologies with business continuity best practices to establish a robust and effective digital resilience plan.


Current State

We assess and benchmark the maturity of your current digital resilience from a business and technical perspective, then advise you on areas of risk and in need of improvement.


Target State

We agree on a bespoke target state plan that fits with your risk appetite. Together we bridge the gaps and strengthen your digital resilience.


Maintain State

With constant advancements in technology, and a threat landscape growing in intelligence and complexity, we work with you to maintain and nurture your digital resilience whilst your business grows.

Accelerate’s / Cyber
Security Assessment

Accelerate’s Cyber Security Assessment will help to inform and guide you to make the correct cyber security choices for your business.

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Case Study / Securing

Accelerate Technologies helped a UK accountancy practice strengthen security and improve employee awareness of security threats.

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