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Over 90% of data breaches originate from phishing attacks, therefore, phishers never stop (See the full 2020 report below). No one is 100% secure, it is a matter of time before anyone gets hacked.

Machine learning technologies have helped to reduce Phishing emails, but there is no single solution to solve and isolate, what is a constantly evolving threat to the business and requires a layered approach to reduce the risk of being compromised.

Damaging breaches rarely start with a single account being compromised in an organisation, but access to a single email account in an organisation offers malicious actors the opportunity to deliver, what appears to be legitimate internal communication, to deceive administrators or executives to click on a link to a corporate document and encouraging the handover of credentials.

Known as “Lateral Phishing”, this calculated technique demands strong security controls, regular assessment of the controls along with the awareness and responsibility to the threat imposed.

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Keepnet / Phishing Trends Report

Over 90% of data breaches originate from phishing. View the 2020 Phishing Trends Report >


Email Threat / Assessment

It is not unreasonable to expect email protection technologies to provide peace of mind with complete protection from Malware and Phishing emails, but it is reasonable to expect new and existing threats to slip through the net and reach your users inboxes.

Utilising an Email threat Simulator, we can help you identify email security gaps and provide guidance to mitigate.

Security Effectiveness

Security Effectiveness

Report on level of simulated email threats that were detected and blocked by existing email technologies and which threats made it through your current email defences, passing the risk of compromise to user’s education and awareness.

User Awareness

User Awareness

Allow us to assess your user’s awareness to the security risk of Phishing and Malware attacks on your business. Delivering a controlled and relevant Phishing email to your users, we are able to assess and report on your level of risk to credential compromise.


Cyber Risk Solution / Email Threat Protection

Utilising the layered approach, it is possible to deliver email threat protection through technology, automation and people.


Two Factor Authentication

Reduce the threat of credential compromise by implementing an additional layer of security through the use of a two-factor authentication.


Email Threat Simulator

Email threat simulation to assess effectiveness of in-place email protection technologies.


Incident Responder

Incident Responder assesses and reacts to suspicious emails that bypass your email security technologies.


Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Observing cyber event and domain (DNS) imitation, recognising patterns and anomalies within them to detect future threats.


Simulated Phishing Campaigns

Generate real Phishing email campaigns with safe outcomes to identify the internal risk users present to the business.


Regular Email Threat Simulations

Automated threat simulation to keep abreast of ever-changing and new email threats.


Active Threat Response & Clean

Automating search and clean of corporate wide mailboxes for known and user reported email threats without compromising privacy of data.



Email Threat Reporter

Allow users to report suspicious emails into your IT team or Accelerate Technologies Managed service operations for assessment and action.


Security Awareness Educator

Cyber threat and risk education through AI to deliver personal and interactive online video’s with measurable user attention and completion reports.


Register / Your Email Threat Assessment Interest

With no interruption to your users or current email infrastructure and requiring less than a week of simulation, let us deliver you visibility and value through our free email threat assessment


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