A fast, secure and cost-effective MPLS alternative

Regulation, performance and reliability are concerns global organisations cannot afford to ignore, which is why MPLS has been the only suitable connectivity to date, especially in difficult locations, such as China, India, Vietnam and Dubai.

But MPLS is expensive as well as inflexible. It is hard to increase bandwidth quickly and installation is lengthy. With the shift to cloud, MPLS is failing to meet the needs of organisations. A cheaper, more flexible MPLS alternative is available using a secure SLA-backed Private IP Backbone.

Private IP Backbone & SD-WAN offers higher speed and lower cost business connectivity than MPLS

MPLS Alternatives

Private IP Backbone & SD-WAN + data optimised last mile

“…monthly costs dropped 25% and we received 10x more bandwidth.”

European Manufacturer
with Chinese Factory

“We can set up new sites and VPN users in minutes or hours.”

Global Manufacturer located in Europe, North and South America, Asia, and Africa

“[MPLS] was costing us a lot, and the reliability just wasn’t there.”

Worldwide car rental company

MPLS vs Private IP Backbone/SD-WAN





  • Low Latency
  • Low Packet Loss
  • Reliability and Performance
  • Expensive
  • Long Install Times
  • Degraded Cloud Performance
  • Lack of visibility & control

Private IP Backbone & SD-WAN

  • More bandwidth, less cost
  • Setup agility
  • TCP Data Optimisation
  • More predictable latency & packet loss compared to standard direct Internet
  • Application visibility & Control
  • Multiple ISP contract management*
  • On-prem equipment cost**

*handled by Accelerate Technologies
**included within monthly contract

Accelerate Technologies’ Solution

  • Single source supplier of global last mile internet connections
  • Reliable, customer reviewed telecom providers (over 1000 ISPs globally) with a single point of contact and single bill
  • Globally connected PoPs – reduced distance and middle mile latency to global IP backbone.
  • Cloud-native inline network security, eliminating the need for distributed firewalls and web gateways.
  • 24 x 7 SLA backed helpdesk support for all locations

Flexible and Responsive

MPLS Alternatives