In the new world of work challenges around your WAN are constantly evolving and questions like “What is SASE?” need to be understood to unlock WAN agility.


Never has digital transformation been more important than during the recent pandemic. Businesses and public sector organisations have had to adapt rapidly to support dispersed employees working from anywhere, on any device, with uncontrolled access to data from unmanaged internet connections.

Existing WAN optimisation and security solutions, which were designed for physical locations and point-to-point architectures have been stretched and patched to accommodate this challenge. But there are limitations. The network is rigid and static, and security is heavily fragmented across multiple domains of physical locations, cloud resources and mobile users.

If you are thinking of moving from MPLS or enhancing your SD WAN infrastructure to address the needs of the new digital organisation, a cloud-native networking and security architecture, along with a connectivity solution that can be deployed and scaled instantly, (such as SASE) is the future of networking.

WAN Agility
What is SASE

UK Industry Report: SD WAN and SASE

Research results and report analysis – a must read if you are considering your WAN or remote worker strategies.

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Thinking of moving to a new WAN infrastructure from MPLS?

There are still key concerns about moving to new WAN technologies from MPLS, whether that’s a perception that security will be downgraded, quality and performance will be lost, or just simply the daunting prospect of yet another big project.

There are, however, significant benefits to moving to a more flexible, automated environment to meet changing business needs, and different WAN technologies to help you move forward, that can save money and improve IT, security and business processes.

In this white paper, we look at these key concerns and provide some guidance to help ease the pain of implementation.

5 key concerns to overcome to ensure the right WAN infrastructure


A must read, if you are still doubting whether SD WAN and SASE are right for your organisation.

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Overcoming 5 key concerns in moving to new WAN infrastructures

SASE Security

Differing levels of quality and distance to the Internet backbone

SASE Security

Understanding the value and benefits an alternative WAN architecture can deliver

SASE Security

Resistance to change

SASE Security

Service suppliers – one or many?

SASE Security

Believing MPLS is more secure and delivers better quality application and voice performance

Do any of these concerns resonate? If you are still hesitant in building a business case and unsure whether your organisation is ready for a new WAN infrastructure, these are key concerns to address.

While MPLS has been the mainstay for the past twenty years, the increasing reliability, performance, flexibility, scalability, and cost-effectiveness of internet connectivity is clearly driving enterprises to deploy new WAN infrastructures. 85% of IT professionals in our recent survey planning to deploy either SD WAN or SASE by the summer of 2022.

Moving from MPLS and the security of a single provider is not as daunting as it first might seem. Accelerate Technologies can help you understand and analyse your environment, help design and propose the right solution for your business, and implement and monitor over time.

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Moving to SASE for Mobile Security and WAN Agility

Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) responds to the needs of today’s digital business and converges enterprise security and networking into a more secure identity-driven cloud service.

01. Application visibility and improved User Experience – to help increase productivity

02. Multi-Layered Security (Zero Trust)

03. Simplifying Operations and Support

SASE enables the business to be truly digital, delivering more decentralized applications to a more distributed workforce through cloud-enabled solutions. Simply, a technology you cannot afford to be without in the new world we find ourselves in today.

Read more about Secure SD WAN, and SASE

WAN Agility &
Multi-layered Security

SASE Network Security

Multi-layered security – one of the major benefits in moving to cloud-native WAN – along with improved IT and business processes.


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UK Industry Report: SD-WAN and SASE

Research results and report analysis – a must read if you are considering your WAN or remote worker strategies.

Read the Report