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Accelerate is constantly evaluating and developing tools and resources that can help solidify cyber security and digital resilience strategy.

Please utilise the tools to enable your business, and please reach out to the Accelerate team if you would like to investigate partnering up for a specific project.

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Artificial intelligence (AI) Prevents Sensitive Data Loss in DMS Platforms
As AI becomes an important part of the legal industry, how can it help prevent sensitive data loss in Document Management Systems (DMS) through Machine Learning? Read more >

DSP Toolkit and the additional challenge it presents NHS organisations
Darran Clare gives his view on the “Data Security and Protection” (DSP) toolkit and the additional opportunities and challenges it presents NHS organisations. Read more >

Guest Blog from Peter Berry of Beacon Consultants
In the midst of COVID-19 and with many businesses adapting to more flexible and agile environments, how do we ensure security of information and how do businesses stay safe in the new data world? Read more >


Useful Security Assessments and Audits

Cyber Security Assessment

Cyber Security Assessment

The assessment will help to inform and guide you to make the correct cyber security choices that will mitigate against the biggest and most important risks to your business.

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Phishing Assessment

Phishing Simulation Assessment

A controlled phishing simulation on your organisation using industry leading technology to test and quantify the awareness of your workforce.

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Penetration Testing

Penetration Testing Audit

Accredited CREST approved, highlighting potential vulnerabilities in your business, assessing resilience of security controls and areas of potential compromise in systems or data.

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    Cyber Security Assessment

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