NHS Office 365: IT Manager’s Guide for Improved Configurations

Seamless remote working has been made possible with today’s technology, allowing businesses to continue functioning with at least some normality during global lockdowns. However, remote working has also led to numerous challenges for IT departments, with security being a major issue.

These security concerns have been particularly true for the NHS trust, who recently banned the use of Zoom to conduct remote video consultations with patients. Instead, they have backed Microsoft Teams as one suitable alternative.

Download our IT Manager’s Guide, which includes expert advice on how to secure your NHS Office 365 even further with improved configurations.

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NHS Security: National Data Guardian’s 10 Data Security Standards and the Toolkit

Why did the NHS trust ban the use of Zoom? Numerous incidents on the platform like sending data to Facebook and ‘Zoombombing’, where hackers have been hijacking video conferences with illicit images, forced Eric Yuan, Zoom’s CEO, to apologise publicly and contributed to NHS Trust’s lack of confidence in the platform.

The NHS trust has put their backing behind Microsoft Teams and Blue Jeans, suggesting these platforms as suitable alternatives. Microsoft has offered its service free to healthcare workers during the pandemic. Although the platform is arguably much more secure than Zoom, there are still some basic configurations IT departments can set up to increase security even further.

NHS organisations that need to meet the National Data Guardian’s 10 data security standards will benefit from downloading Accelerate’s free comprehensive IT Manager’s Guide with expert advice on how to secure Office 365 with improved configurations. Accelerate can also help you to achieve the National Data Guardian’s status through a portfolio of services and consultancy to help implement some of the requirements with the new Microsoft licencing scheme created for the NHS.

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In addition, as Cyber Security consultants we’re well placed to ensure the security, access control and threat protection of your 365 configuration. From MFA to email security we can help ensure new installations are planned in a secure manner or assess an existing installation for weaknesses.

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