Anti-phishing Managed Service

The security and protection of digital assets has traditionally been the responsibility of the IT organisation, but with high profile security breaches becoming more common and more severe, this is no longer the case.

The root cause of many incidents is human error from outside of the IT department, and the subject is now considered to be a wider business responsibility that is discussed at board level.

Security Awareness Programme

Security awareness training has become one of the common tools deployed in this cultural change, but delivering annual or ad-hoc training as a tick box exercise is ineffective in reducing information security risks on its own. Through an all-encompassing security awareness programme, it is possible to introduce real change in how our employees think, act, and perform in their roles within the organisation. It encourages everybody to care and take responsibility.

Let us take care of phishing awareness and protection for you

To address all aspects of phishing attack prevention including the need for best-in-class employee awareness, Accelerate Technologies have launched an anti-phishing managed service, which takes care of the whole process for you. Read our post on phishing managed services.

We cover regular phishing simulations and employee awareness training, right through to investigating and responding to phishing threats. We can also support you with regular threat intelligence and help improve your security policies and profile.

Managed Phishing Service

A fully managed service, where we take care of:

  • Regular Phishing Simulations
  • Regular Employee Awareness Training and Phishing Threat updates
  • Immediate Email Investigations and Incident Response
  • Improving security policies
Be Prepared.
Not Exposed.

100% Fully Managed Phishing Prevention.
Be assured that you have the best-in-class anti-phishing service in place.

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