Migrate to the Cloud and keep your data in safe hands

Accelerate offer a range of services to help smooth Cloud migration, keep your cyber security process up-to-date, protect sensitive data in the Cloud and improve application performance for public servants and key workers.


Cloud Design & Migration Services

A range of planning and migration services to complement internal resources and help you develop your own cloud skills.

We simplify and accelerate the design, build and deployment of public cloud solutions.

Cloud Cyber Security Assessment

Cyber security is a moving target as new technologies, threats and best practices emerge.

We can help you understand your current Cloud and On-premise Security posture, assess and develop existing polices, people and technology, so you can mitigate immediate risks and bring your security right up-to-date.


Digital and User Experience Monitoring & Optimisation Service

  • Discover and monitor the performance of any enterprise application or collaboration tool to enable public servants to work more effectively
  • Keep on top of license and digital transformation costs, predict and support hardware upgrades or resource requirements.

Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR)

Moving sensitive records to the Cloud?

  • Improve data protection by combining Endpoint Protection (EPP) with advanced detection and response.
  • Identify and remediate already compromised endpoints and detect threats targeting out-of-date operating systems and applications.
Cloud Migration

Secure Office365 even further with improved configurations.

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Cloud Migration

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Cloud Migration

Discover how to overcome 7 key MFA deployment challenges.

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