Phishing Simulation & Awareness Assessment

Over 90% of successful data breaches are initiated by an email based phishing attack. Whilst email scanning services and firewalls can filter out many phishing requests, they cannot stop them all from getting through, and the emails are becoming more sophisticated by the day.

Anti-Phishing Solutions

If your users are well versed in spotting and reacting to potential phishing scams, they can be an effective line of defence against cyber breaches, but if they are naive about such attempts, they can become your weakest link…

Accelerate Technologies can run a controlled phishing simulation on your organisation using industry leading technology to test and quantify the awareness of your workforce. A benign phishing email with relevance to the business or department will be sent to a selection of your team, with a subsequent report providing insights to their actions and behaviours.

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Accelerate’s Phishing Simulation & Awareness Assessment

Accelerate’s approach identifies your digital risk, and combines trusted technologies with business continuity best practices to establish a robust and effective digital resilience plan.

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Accelerate’s phishing simulation can be scheduled to target specific groups at certain times to ensure the assessment is as effective as possible.

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The content of our phishing simulation email can be tailored to make it pertinent to your users and the specific department. We have a stock of phishing templates that are varied and relevant to real world threats, and we are constantly developing new content to respond.

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Our phishing awareness assessment tracks user activity from the simulated email, highlighting the levels of engagement, opening of malicious files, URL click through, and submission of confidential passwords.

How Accelerate Technologies can support you with phishing protection

  • Get started in understanding your current phishing threat profile with a Phishing Simulation & Awareness Assessment. We provide a full report with insights into your workforce’s awareness of phishing.
  • We can provide consultancy and tools to help you run your own phishing simulation and awareness programme, or
  • Make your life easier with our new fully Managed Phishing Protection Service – School of Phish