Driving Digital Resilience from SASE to Cyber Security Assessments

From SASE and cloud services, to cyber security assessments, we partner with businesses to drive digital resilience

In a world where technology is rapidly shifting and growing, SMBs and large enterprises face a raft of challenges in embracing digital transformation to support the changing needs of the business. Our focus at Accelerate is to provide solutions which will help you to secure data, ensure business resilience and improve IT and business performance.

Digital Enablement


85% of IT professionals in our recent survey

say they plan to have either SD-WAN or SASE by summer 2022

Ease the move from MPLS to

Cloud Native WAN

Transform your business

Security, visibility and performance across the organisation, from branch office to remote workers, has never been more important than it is today. Accelerate can help you with:
+ SD WAN, SASE and WAN optimisation solutions – tailored to your organisation’s infrastructure
+ End-User Experience Monitoring – to help you manage IT investment and improve productivity.
+ Moving to the Cloud? – check out our Cloud Migration Service

****The future of SD-WAN and SASE in post pandemic UK

1.87 billion mobile workers by 2022, accounting for 42.5% of the global workforce ***

Improve remote worker experience and business productivity with

End User Experience Management

60% of Medium-sized UK Businesses *

experienced a cyber security breach in 2019

Medium businesses = 50 to 249 employees

Assess your security vulnerabilities with a

Cyber Security Assessment

Secure your business

We can help accelerate your security project:

+ Cyber Security Assessment to fully understand your organisation’s security maturity
+ Extend and build on your Cyber Security Skills
+ Develop end-user awareness of Email Security Threats

*Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport, Cyber Security Breaches Survey 2020: Statistical Release
**Online Malware and Threats: A Profile of Today’s Security Posture – DARKReading Reports September 2019

66% of organisations say they detect phishing attacks frequently or very frequently **

Test and improve detection with a

Phishing Simulation & Awareness Assessment

Solutions and services wrapped to deliver business results

Digital Transformation Solutions

Accelerate your transformation with Assessment, Awareness, Training, Skills, Implementation and Management Services

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Multi-Factor Authentication Solutions Round-up 2023

Security awareness has grown. So, you would think that MFA has also been implemented in our business lives as well. But, in this annual round up, and reviewing some of the 2022 statistics, it was surprising to see that many companies have yet to implement MFA for access to their business systems.

SD WAN & SASE improve application performance & visibility for global businesses

If you are a global manufacturer with offices and manufacturing facilities around the world, especially in countries such as China and India, ensuring flexible, cost-effective connectivity and application performance can be a particular challenge.