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Businesses operate in a world where the end-user/customer has come to expect a high level of service from the applications they consume. In short, these applications need to perform and always be available.

In recent years, software applications have evolved to new levels of resilience but increased complexity and distribution, changing from standalone to cloud-based solutions. The introduction of this infrastructure in mobile and cloud computing has also increased the levels of difficulty monitoring and supporting applications.

Any level of interruption causes businesses wide-scale disruption but extend this to industry where technology directly and immediately impacts revenues, and this becomes an unacceptable risk.

To meet this changing application landscape, the importance of application performance monitoring has also increased, allowing decision makers to rely on the accuracy of data to make effective business decisions.


By 2021, the need to manage increasingly digitalized business processes will drive enterprises to monitor 20% of all business applications with APM suites, up from 5% in 2017.


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Application / Performance


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Digital Experience

In todays’ digital world your end-users – which could be a customer or an employee – expect your digital services through on-premise or cloud applications to perform effectively and seamlessly across a multitude of devices, at all times.


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