Selecting the right WAN / SD-WAN, SASE or Application Acceleration

While SD-WAN is an established concept organisations are continuing to adopt, SASE (Secure Access Service Edge) is a relatively new term coined by Gartner in 2019, with a number of different definitions from different vendors. So where do they fit in? And do they offer the whole solution for WAN security, visibility and performance?

Security and Performance is delivered by a combination of WAN technologies and choosing the best solution to fit your organisation is key. SD WAN has been delivering a range of management benefits as well as cost reduction, however SASE’s strong play on security as a cloud service gives it enhanced value in the current environment. Both provide application performance gains but in cases where latency is an issue, WAN and Application optimisation may be the best way forward.

2020 UK Report: The Future of SD-WAN and SASE. Research results and overview analysis


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WAN Simplified, Secured, Optimised / delivered by a combination of technologies

Secure WAN Performance


SD-WAN / Improving network agility and branch-office breakouts

Digital transformation has brought with it increasing complexity, with ever expanding networks of mobile devices and branch office break outs to cloud applications, that are hard to secure and manage with conventional tools and router-based WANs. SD-WAN provides an agile approach to handling visibility, security and performance. Many companies are already seeing benefits in cost savings and speed of deployment that it brings.

For companies that have not yet implemented SD-WAN, and have preferred vendors for routing, firewall and WAN optimisation functions, it can bring siloed security and networking together with flexible business-wide policies.

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Research shows that adoption of SD-WAN is more than a year ahead of Gartner’s prediction, 67% by mid 2022.


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WAN future proofing / Link SD-WAN with SASE

WAN Future Proofing

SASE / Improving visibility and security of remote workers

When defined by Gartner analysts in 2019, the term SASE (Secure Access Service Edge) sparked much debate. The SASE architecture delivers connectivity and security services for all endpoints (physical sites, cloud resources, remote devices) as a cloud service. This structure gives secure access to all users regardless of their location or that of the services they are accessing, and its cloud-native design gives companies flexibility to keep pace with the growing number of edge-centric devices.

If you have already implemented and invested in SD-WAN and are looking at the capabilities of SASE to provide additional security and visibility of remote workers, by interlinking your SD-WAN with SASE you can benefit from the key features of both solutions.

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Application Acceleration / Improving user experience

Whilst SD-WAN and SASE are newer technologies delivering significant features in terms of management and security, WAN optimisation and application acceleration will continue to be focus technologies for any business suffering with latency.

The performance of true application layer optimisation in combination with other solution techniques will elevate this for organisations that are globally dispersed or suffering latency for other reasons.

Looking to improve performance of cloud and SaaS applications? Are your users finding it hard to cope with poor application performance? Talk to us about Application Acceleration >

Half of IT leaders surveyed in “The future of SD-WAN and SASE in post pandemic UK” had brought forward projects to improve application performance to cloud hosted and SaaS applications


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Solution / Benefits

Enhanced Visibility

+ Reducing management overhead & costs

+ Branch office management & security

+ Network agility, capacity and reliability

+ Improving visibility

+ Improving cloud & SaaS performance

+ WAN cost reduction

+ Remote worker secure access


+ Identity driven consistent security

+ Remote worker secure access

+ Improving visibility

+ Cloud optimisation

+ Reducing management overhead & costs

+ Addressing increased complexity

+ Improving cloud & SaaS performance

WAN/Application Optimisation

+ Improving application performance

+ Improving cloud-hosted application & SaaS performance

+ Remote worker secure access

+ WAN control & visibility

+ Reducing/removing latency

+ WAN cost reduction

End user experience

Accelerate / Improving WAN performance for you

There are many vendors offering SD WAN and SASE solutions, and this is not a one size fits all market, with WAN optimisation and application acceleration still having a role to play. Whether you are looking at short-term optimisation or a long-term digital transformation project, it is crucial to ensure the best match for now, with the flexibility to meet future needs. Accelerate Technologies networking and security experts can help you to map out current and future business requirements to help select the right platform and provider for your organisation.

Our understanding of WAN performance and security solutions extends over 15 years. We were heavily involved in launching WAN Optimisation into Europe and the team at Accelerate have implemented solutions for global enterprise organisations.

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UK 2020 Report / The Future of SD-WAN and SASE


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