Full Data & Application visibility through a unified architecture

As businesses migrate workloads to public cloud platforms in their bid to digitally transform how their organisation functions, it should not be at the sacrifice of data visibility and risk of data security.

Many of the cloud computing security risks are related to data security, whether it is through the lack of visibility into virtual or containerised network traffic or the failure to understand and control who has access to the data, either way the issues always come back to the data we place in the cloud and how we present it.

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Cloud security risks are treated as a “shared responsibility” and in every cloud service from software-as-a-service (SaaS) like Microsoft Office 365 to infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) like Azure or AWS, while the provider will provide numerous visibility and security functions—the customer is always responsible for protecting their data from security threats.

Data Blindness
67% cited network blind spots as a major obstable to data protection
50% lacked sufficient information regarding the identification of threats

Source: “Hide & Seek: Cybersecurity and the Cloud.” by independent market research company, Vanson Bourne (May 2017)

This means a large burden falls on your network and security architects to either achieve a cost-effective extension of their existing security architectures into cloud or develop new cloud security architectures that will fit constrained budgets whilst maintaining effective end to end visibility of your data.


Data Security requires GOOD visibility but not at the cost of duplication

Whether your organisation has already invested heavily in security and compliance tools on-premise or if you are starting your journey into cloud and application visibility, it is important to eliminate all data blind spots but not by deploying multiple vendor visibility modules.

We don’t need to read numerous newspapers to understand the same story so why would we deploy multiple data visibility tools into the cloud to obtain the same data, all to satisfy individual tool data requirements?

Data visibility of cloud and virtualisation traffic only needs to come from a single unified architecture that underpins the needs of all application or security tools. By acquiring data at the virtual server level instead of the Hypervisor and distributing only the data that matters to the right tools, Gigamon will deliver measurable cost reductions, reduced complexity in management and support.

Whether your infrastructure is physical or virtual and your data is in the cloud or on-prem, a single source of visibility and control brings new levels of agility to add new security tools that are sized and more importantly budgeted for appropriately to the application or security data they should see.

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What does this mean for your business?

  • Reduced cloud and security tool costs – Initial CAPEX and ongoing OPEX
  • Increased tool efficiency and future capacity, only processing traffic it needs to see
  • Scalable and Unified visibility management of multi-cloud or hybrid environments
2019 Cloud Security Report Download Cloud Security Report

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Cloud Computing Security

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2019 Cloud Security Report

Access the 2019 Cloud Security Report, highlighting what is and what is not working for security operations teams in securing their cloud data in a “shared responsibility model”.

“The top two operational security headaches SOC teams are struggling with in Cloud infrastructures is compliance (34%) and lack of visibility into cloud security (33%)”

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10 Minute Podcast / Introducing Cloud Visibility & Security

Cloud Visibility Webinar

Listen to our 10 minute podcast hosted by Darran Clare (Director of Technologies at Accelerate Technologies) and James Easton (Senior Sales Engineering at Gigamon), as they discuss the importance of cloud visibility and how to obtain visibility to secure your cloud data.

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Download / the 2019 Cloud Security Report

    2019 Cloud Security Report
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