Layered / Defensive Solutions

In Cyber Security there is not a single technology or product that can protect an entire organisation from the complex Cyber Threats of today. Cyber Security needs to be approached with a defence in depth (DiD) methodology, that looks to create a series of layered and interconnected security solutions to protect an organisations valuable and sensitive data.

In the event a single security layer is penetrated through an attack, DiD ensures there is no single point of failure through collaboration and communication between the multi-layered defences, isolating and preventing the attackers from advancing further. The concept is, the more layers of security, the harder it will be to breach all defences.

The question being asked, is “which vendors and technologies do I select to give me this level of protection”, along with the inherent challenge of evaluating the extensive point products on the market and the growing disaggregation of security architectures. Yes, it is crucially important to identify technology solutions that will provide the best levels of protection, but they must also look to reduce complexity, simplify management and aid rapid response and remediation to protect the business.

Through a Security Fabric it is possible to combine a suite of products that offer combined intelligence, reporting and management to allow IT Security teams to operate to new levels of efficiency, grow and limit the pressures new and additional technologies can introduce.

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The average enterprise uses upwards of 75 different security solutions


Accelerate’s / Layered Security Approach

Cyber Defence Solutions - Layered Security Approach

Accelerate’s / Cyber Defence Solutions

Security / Solutions

Cyber Skills

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Cyber Skills Development

Cyber skills development is the cost-effective solution for providing additional internal cyber skills to a business.

Security / Solutions

Identity &

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Identity & Access

It is critically important to identify all users who have access to your organisation’s infrastructure, applications and data.

Security / Solutions

Cloud Visibility
& Security

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Cloud Visibility & Security

Whether your organisation has already invested heavily in security and compliance tools on-premise or if you are starting your journey into cloud and application visibility, it is important to eliminate all data blind spots.

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Endpoint Detection
& Response

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Endpoint Detection & Response

With networks being brought down in a matter of seconds, and files corrupted without an organisation’s knowledge, it is now crucial to employ automated detection and real-time response to relieve the pressure on staff and resources.

Security / Solutions

Firewalls (NGFW)

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Next-Generation Firewalls (NGFW)

As a Next-Generation Firewall (NGFW) solution, Fortinet’s FortiGate series delivers advanced threat protection at the data level as well as the perimeter, acting as a core component of a multi-layered Defence-in-Depth (DiD) security strategy.


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    Cyber / Security Assessment

    Accelerate’s Cyber Security Assessment will help to inform and guide you to make the correct cyber security choices for your business.

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