When a business identifies a need for additional internal cyber skills, the obvious solution is to hire somebody with the relevant capability and experience. With demand outstripping supply in the industry however, this can prove an expensive and time-consuming process.

One alternative is to outsource the need for internal cyber skills by engaging a third party managed SOC (Security Operations Centre), but again this introduces additional costs and many organisations would still wish to have some cyber skills available in house.

The cost-effective solution is to find people with potential, either from within the business or through apprenticeship schemes, that may not have specific cyber skills but display the necessary perseverance, curiosity, creativity, and aptitude to learn.

By identifying individuals with the right foundations, and giving them a learning platform that offers fun, frequent, relevant, and thought inspiring education, it is possible to create and develop new cyber talent.

Cyber Skills Development

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How does a Cyber Skills Development Platform differ to traditional training?

Cyber Skills Platform

Equip your teams on their terms

  • 24/7 access to entirely browser-based platform
  • Ability to assign objectives to skill up in the right areas
  • Isolated real-world threats in safe sandboxed lab environments
  • Visualise skills development to mitigate risks in real time

Map cyber skills to your security strategy

Using the MITRE framework to visualise skills in your cyber security team and directly map them to the identified risks in your business.

Cyber Skills Platform
Cyber Skills Platform

Simulated threats and breach scenarios

  • Applying gaming methods to cyber skills development keeps teams motivated and engaged
  • Live leader boards encourage healthy competition
  • Story-based simulations to empower your teams
  • Encourages interaction, exploration, and self-directed research

Skills alignment to the latest threat intelligence

Turn threat intelligence into actionable, practical and applicable knowledge that reduces your organisation’s exposure to emerging threats.

  • Get hands on with new threats and tactics within hours of them being identified in the industry
  • Integrated with world-class threat intelligence providers
Cyber Skills Platform

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