Accelerate have a background in network infrastructure and cyber security, well-matched to deliver digital transformation solutions from SD-WAN security to End-User Experience Monitoring.

Optimising the Digital Experience

Businesses operate in a world where the end-user has come to expect a high level of service from the applications they consume. Wherever they are working from or accessing services, applications need to perform and always be available.

Supporting mobile and Cloud computing has also increased the difficulty in monitoring and supporting applications. Never was this more apparent than in 2020 with the move to remote working during the COVID-19 pandemic.

58% of IT professionals say that application performance & support was the biggest challenge with COVID-19 remote working.*

*The Future of SD-WAN and SASE (

Digital Experience and End-User Experience Monitoring platforms provide AI-based analytics and application self-healing to improve employee productivity and customer satisfaction. Central management also helps bring down the cost of IT operations and improve planning for future digital transformation.

Bringing WAN and Security together

85% of organisations surveyed* will have either an SD WAN or SASE platform by the summer of 2022

*The Future of SD-WAN and SASE (

In the move to more agile, remote working from anywhere, with access to applications and data from everywhere, IT organisations are pressured, not only to improve the user experience, but also improve security against cyberthreats, manage application performance and ensure operational costs are kept down to a minimum.

Existing WAN and point security solutions are stretched to support this new way of working and networking and security architectures are transforming. As companies look at reviewing MPLS contracts, SD-WAN, SD-WAN Security and Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) are key solutions to consider in the digital transformation journey.

Accelerate's Digital Transformation Solutions


End User Experience
Monitoring & Optimisation

Improve Customer Experience, Employee & IT Productivity

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End User Experience

In todays’ digital world your end-users expect on-premise or cloud applications to perform effectively and seamlessly across a multitude of devices, at all times from anywhere.


Delivering SD-WAN and Security as a Cloud-native service

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SASE – Secure Access Service Edge

SASE enables adoption of cloud-native network security and performance tools, centralising management, increasing agility and driving down cost.


Improving Network Agility and Branch-Office Breakouts

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SD-WAN Solutions

If you are finding it hard to secure and manage an ever-expanding network of mobile devices and branch office break-outs to cloud applications - then it’s time to consider SD-WAN.

WAN Optimisation

The smart deployment of technologies for any business suffering with latency.

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WAN Optimisation

True application layer optimisation in combination with other solution techniques for dispersed organisations.

Digital Transformation Solutions

Let us help you navigate SD WAN, SASE and WAN Op

Secure access for remote workers? Moving to cloud-based applications/SaaS? Optimising applications?

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Digital Transformation Solutions

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Digital Transformation Solutions

Cyber Security Assessment

As remote working grows, how do you deal with the ever-expanding attack surface and poorly protected devices?

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