Email is the primary method of communication for businesses, but with 90% of data breaches initiated through phishing emails, malicious attachments and ransomware attacks, there is a need for suitable levels of investment in firewall infrastructure and email security solutions to provide intelligent protection.

Secure Email Gateways are essential in mitigating the threat and in many instances are provided as inclusive features to public messaging services like Office365, delivering at best adequate levels of protection vs user experience or there are enhanced email protection solutions available through hosted cloud or on-premise.

Although these email gateways aim to reduce the number of threats reaching users inbox’s, they are not without their limitations and will unknowingly let some of the latest and sophisticated email threats through.

Email Threat / Simulator & Responder

Utilising KeepNet’s Email Threat Simulator*(ETS), regular and automated testing can be conducted against businesses secure email gateway infrastructures to locate potential configuration vulnerabilities & automatically provide remediation services to further improve visibility and mitigate the risk of email threats that face us all.

Integrated with industry-leading Exploitation Frameworks along with simulation logic, ETS constantly maintains an up-to-date set of attack types.

Generating attacks that exceed 450 known and current attack vectors including ransomware, browser exploits, malicious code, attachments and file format exploits to test security infrastructure in place. This methodology allows Keepnet™ ETS to deliver real-world tests instead of just monitoring traffic between server and client.

How is Keepnet™
ETS Different?

Email Security

Email Security Solutions

Email Security Solutions

Incident / Responder

It is crucial to build in suitable layers of security technology to detect and block email threats, but we know that even the best email gateways will not block 100% of email-based attacks, passing the risk to how you have educated and instructed your users to respond to these threats.

Do you have a solution that allows users to report suspicious email?

How does your IT team react to these events?

Can you be sure it hasn’t affected more users?

When a business identifies a possible breach, reaction time to understand and isolate the threat is crucial. Keepnet’s™ Incident Responder offers the ability to analyse the threat and instigate an automated response process to scan all mailboxes within the organisation, quickly locating and isolating the active threat before it has a chance to spread.

Email threats can now be reported to the Keepnet™ Incident Response Platform (IRP) directly by end-users through the Outlook Plugin, analysing headers, message body and attachments and using proprietary technology to assess and identify the threat.

Email Security Solutions
Managed Phishing Service

Anti-Phishing Managed Service

Accelerate Technologies have launched School of Phish to deliver improved protection for organisations. The provide regular Phishing Simulations, Threat Intelligence, Email Threat Reporting, Incident Response, as well as a complete Phishing Awareness Programme for your employees. Saving time for IT staff and improved awareness across your organisation.

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