Improving End-user experience for increased productivity and business success

User experience and application performance is key to ensuring business productivity and success. The Covid-19 pandemic has been a catalyst for change, with IT departments in public and private sectors pushed to change priorities to enable secure remote worker access to services. End-users, whether they are onsite or working remotely, expect the same level of performance and experience from the applications they use daily, wherever they happen to be, from any device.

The challenge for IT is to support a complex range of devices, onsite and cloud applications, with growing numbers of remote workers, while continuing to meet business and IT SLAs as well as high user expectations.

With end-user experience management you can not only improve end-user effectiveness, but also improve IT performance and prioritise IT investment decisions to bring real value to the business.

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** Survey by CASS Business School, IESE Business School and HR Service Provider SD Worx

End User Experience

65% of British employees worked remotely during the lockdown, with 47% never having worked remotely before the Covid-19 crisis**

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Working from Home Directives / what users experienced around the world.

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Delivering better value both for IT and End-users

With End-user Experience Management, IT leaders have the data they need to:

Prioritise IT investment decisions

Quantify the value of IT to the organisation

Improve IT performance

Deliver improved end-user effectiveness

End User Experience

Seeing performance improvements from the end-user perspective

Aternity’s End-User Experience Monitoring brings together device health, application performance, and applications usage monitoring, from the user perspective, to understand the impact IT is having on workforce productivity. IT Operations can view what the end-user actually sees when they use an application, whether they are using a PC, laptop, mobile device, thick client or SaaS.

Click to Render – gives an end-user view and shows the response time breakdown between the client device, network and application back end, so you can resolve issues rapidly, reducing MTTR and optimising service desk performance.

*** State of Cloud Monitoring, 2018

End User Experience

Employees expect cloud applications to perform the same or better than on-prem applications even though IT has less control***.


End User Experience

61% of Aternity customers surveyed reduced the number of IT service desk tickets. 33% experienced more than 15% reduction in ticket volume.****

Improving Service Desk Response

With data gathered from Aternity and a view on the end-user experience, you can start to proactively forecast where improvements are needed and begin to automate the service desk response.

+ Track the usage of every application in the organisation, with automatic discovery. This provides a score for performance and health of applications based on crashes, hangs and errors.

+ Built-in “self-healing” scripts in the Aternity library can be modified and expanded to let you automatically resolve the most common user and device issues.

**** 6 facts that will make you re-think end-user experience monitoring


Digital Transformation achieving the best for your users and organisation

With the ability to measure current productivity data from Aternity, IT and business leaders can prioritise the IT changes needed to deliver real business value.

For strategic IT projects, such as migration to SaaS, mobility, data centre transformation, as well as Windows migrations and application upgrades, change validation enables you to measure and compare the experience of the end-user before, during, and after changes to devices, applications and infrastructure.

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End User Experience

Improved visibility and improved performance for Microsoft Office 365, Skype for Business and Teams Aternity augments Microsoft Workplace Analytics and usage monitoring with insight into performance and the actual end-user experience.


Transform IT and organisational productivity with end-user experience monitoring

Start to deliver better IT investment, improved productivity and end-user experience with Aternity and Accelerate Technologies.

End User Experience

Calculate the ROI of your next IT project and improve end-user experience in the process.

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End User Experience

What could you learn about your remote end-users and application performance?

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End User Experience

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