Gain visibility / and control with self-defending endpoint security


Many organisations are still reliant on EPP as their primary endpoint defence, but the speed and sophistication of cyberattacks is increasing, and this approach is leaving security teams outpaced.

With networks being brought down in a matter of seconds, and files corrupted without an organisation’s knowledge, it is now crucial to employ automated detection and real-time response to relieve the pressure on staff and resources.

81% of CISOs report having had at least one intrusion over a year, with 22% more citing more than five cyberattacks

Endpoint Security

In addition, connected devices and operational technology introduced into the IT network, along with unsupported operating systems, are now specifically targeted by hackers and are at increased vulnerability of attack. Can your organisation risk critical devices, control systems and production machines being taken down, bringing loss of productivity and revenue or the ability to deliver key services and critical care?


EPP + EDR = FortiEDR

Pre-infection scanning for anti-malware via Endpoint Protection Platforms, PLUS Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) for remediating already compromised endpoints.

Both are crucial for today’s always-on connected networks, and FortiEDR combines real-time protection, detection and automated response.

Legacy connected machines need:

Endpoint Security

Critical endpoints running legacy Windows?
Learn how to secure them with FortiEDR.


FortiEDR / Real-time Protection, Detection & Automated Response

Built from the ground up, FortiEDR is the only endpoint security solution to detect advanced threats and stop breaches and ransomware damage in real-time, even on an already compromised device. It gives you the power to respond and remediate incidents automatically to protect data, ensure system uptime, and preserve business continuity.

All devices, from workstations and servers (with current and legacy operating systems) through to POS and manufacturing controllers can be protected. FortiEDR can be built in a native cloud infrastructure, and deployed in the cloud, on-premise in an air-gapped environment or in a hybrid deployment.

For organisations operating round the clock or needing additional team support, FortiResponder Managed Detection & Response Service provides extra peace of mind with 24×7 threat monitoring, alert triage, and remote remediation services.

Endpoint Security

Why FortiEDR?

  • The only EPP solution with pre-infection & post-compromise protection
  • Automatically defuses potential threats as soon as detected
  • Real-time protection for users
  • Reduces exposure time & minimises time spent handling incidents
  • Frees up security analysts to concentrate on other threat hunting tasks
  • 24×7 Remote monitoring and remediation services

“By implementing FortiEDR we have been able to free up internal resources to work on large projects while ensuring that our enterprise is protected from malicious software.” “The monitoring service is excellent! They are proactive and only escalate alerts to the internal team after they have removed any false positives.”

Director – Enterprise Dev/Ops in the Manufacturing Industry

Endpoint Security

Patented technologies Code-tracing exfiltration & ransomware prevention for automated EDR

Endpoint Security

Vulnerability patching, including virtual patching for the latest threats

Endpoint Security

Incident response playbooks function across multiple endpoint types and operating systems

Endpoint Security

Full support for Windows, Linux, OSX, as well as un-supported legacy operating systems


Accelerate your EDR implementation with Cyber Security
Assessment and Endpoint Discovery


Endpoint Security /
Rapid Response

Security breaches are inevitable, and you may already have active threats operating inside the network. Even with incident response processes in place to reduce the impact, we know that these are becoming too slow to respond to the evolving threat landscape.

40% of security leaders list missing threats and attacks as their top challenge. The growing number of connected devices in the network and reliance on legacy systems running bespoke applications, is making it ever harder to manage threats effectively.

  • Are you relying on manual security triage and responses? (too slow, too many alerts to handle?)
  • Can you be certain your un-supported Windows 7 and older systems are secure?
  • Can you be sure that you have every critical device in your network is covered?

Fortinet Security Fabric /
Complete Visibility

Endpoint Security


EDR / Solution Service

Accelerate can manage your full EDR environment, from assessing network security, discovering vulnerable endpoints, installing FortiEDR, through to 24 x 7 monitoring. We take care of your EDR, so you can focus on your security strategy.

Accelerate your Endpoint Detection and Response

Endpoint Detection and Response

Secure your endpoints – safeguard business continuity

Endpoint Security

In 2019 less than 10% of organisations had a fully automated process for endpoint remediation according to the SANS Institute.

The technology is here to address endpoint security needs, but with increased pressure on security operations, juggling multiple high priority projects and lack of cybersecurity skills, finding a window to move forward to adoption is never an easy task. This is where Accelerate Technologies can help, acting as a flexible, skilled extension of your team.

If you have already identified a need and want to overcome the initial inertia in getting your endpoint security project moving, we can help with:

Cyber Security Assessment

Cyber Security Assessment
Understanding your business and measuring the maturity of your skills, processes and security environment to prevent breaches and manage security post-infection, to understand the next

Endpoint Discovery

Endpoint Discovery
Discover all assets and check for specific vulnerabilities in your network from un-supported, un-patched devices.

Cyber Security Assessment

Cyber Security Assessment and Endpoint Discovery are part of the Cyber Security Assessment services we offer to businesses.

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Seconds count: Self-Defend your IT and OT endpoints Critical endpoints running legacy Windows? Learn how to secure them with FortiEDR.

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