It is critically important to identify all users who have access to your organisation’s infrastructure, applications and data at the first opportunity, to truly establish they are who they say they are, their intentions and the privileges they have been assigned.

Utilising additional methods of access security and control provides businesses with the confidence and visibility of who is accessing sensitive applications and data.


Two-Factor / Authentication

Also known as “Multi—Factor” authentication, it adds a second layer of security to user account access through a random generated token and individual identification mechanism of (Biometric or Facial recognition) to verify the user.

Adding a second factor considerably mitigates the risk of an attacker evading standard password authentication checks and strengthens the security and effectiveness of preventing Email Phishing threats that organisations face today.


of data breaches have been the result of weak or stolen passwords

Source: Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report


Enabling Two-Factor Authenticator on Microsoft Office 365


Multi-Factor Authentication (2FA) helps improve business security significantly with an additional layer of protection. Passwords alone are no longer adequate for securing critical data assets as they are easily forgotten, compromised or stolen. Implementing this extra cyber security measure dramatically reduces an organisations risk to compromise, protecting your users and critical data from an unforeseen attack.

Microsoft offer MFA protection to all Office 365 accounts free of charge, so why aren’t all businesses enabling two-factor authentication? Whilst free, deploying any additional security that requires user participation and interaction, introduces many obstacles and complaints that can threaten the success of a deployment.


Accelerate Technologies have experienced first-hand the challenges organisations face when deploying MFA to users and through a program of regular and proven communications, customised video content and project delivery experience it is possible to roll out MFA to thousands of users quickly and painlessly for both user and IT department.

We believe all businesses should be protecting their sensitive data using this free two-factor authenticator as a minimum, which is why we have produced a short instructional video to teach Office 365 admin users how to enable this added security feature, along with a simple video for users to follow.

Watch the Video

Passwordless / Authentication

Whilst mobile applications through push notifications has helped reduce the burdens of increased layers of authentication security, it is the largely reused, easy to guess password that presents the biggest weakness.

Passwordless authentication presents many benefits to both user and organisation. For users, it removes the necessity to manage the lifecycle, remember or enter passwords, leading to an overall better user and customer experience. For organisations, there is an elimination of the weakest link, the need to store and reset passwords, overall delivering better security.

Although not always possible to eliminate the password from legacy applications, market indicators show that organisations are starting to prioritise the assessment and viability of using passwordless security.

It is predicted 60% of large enterprises, and 90% of midsize enterprises, will implement passwordless methods by


Source: Gartner


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