When should you start planning your SASE migration?

Accelerate’s experienced team have supported a wide range of businesses in planning, assessing and deploying digital transformation projects. SASE can provide a great platform to support digital transformation with flexible, easily managed network security.

As well as the below signs, any other scenario where business needs are slowed down or poorly supported by existing infrastructure could signal it’s time to assess SASE.

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2020 UK Report: The Future of SD-WAN and SASE. Research results and overview analysis


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4 Signs it’s Time to Start Planning Your SASE Migration:

SASE Migration

01. Lack of Agility

Right now is a time of rapid change and flexibility means a lot. If you’re struggling to adapt your current network to business changes such as branch restructuring, supporting new cloud workloads, and addressing the growing mobile workforce, it’s time.

SASE Migration

02. Cumbersome Security

Is locking down application, data and users with fragmented security solutions proving a time burden? If you find yourself having to install, manage and maintain more and more products in order to secure sites, be they new or existing, it’s time.

SASE Migration

03. Poor Performance

Are employees complaining about poor business application performance? Even if they aren’t it’s a known factor that affects their productivity. If latency-sensitive applications such as voice and video aren’t performing it can have a big impact for remote workers and it’s time.

SASE Migration

04. Limited Visibility

Visibility has decreased for many IT departments with the increase in work from anywhere users. If you’re challenged with getting vision of root causes to issues, application performance and user security, it’s time.


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UK 2020 Report / The Future of SD-WAN and SASE

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