Smarter SIEM = Better Security

Security information and event management (SIEM) is a technology that has been around since 2005, with early solutions requiring expert analysis and a growing deluge of false positive security threats. These solutions are starting to show their age and are placing unnecessary strain on the teams that use them, rather than assisting to improve compliance for which they were designed for.

Smarter Next Generation SIEM solutions are now available with Exabeam contributing to the investment and delivering new and improved capabilities. These new capabilities bring major enhancements in improving threat detection, analyst assessment and accuracy and long-term reductions in security monitoring budgets.


Better Security = Exabeam

The following features deliver capabilities businesses require to improve the capture, detection, analysis and response of modern-day threats.


No Restrictions

With extended boundaries (Cloud/On-prem) and increased sources of data, Exabeam do not restrict the number of data sources.


Big Data

Architectures designed using (Hadoop, Mongo, Elasticsearch technologies) it is able to ingest and analyse large levels of data, quickly and efficiently.


Flat Pricing

Not typical of SIEM solutions, why charge for data ingestion which is growing by the day?



Advances in data science provides a SIEM that understands context and intent to discover abnormal behaviours.


User and Entity Behaviour Analysis

Baselining behaviour through machine learning, statistical analysis, and behavioural modelling—referred to as user and behaviour analytics (UEBA).


Lateral Movement

Constant monitoring of lateral movement of attackers through studying of past incidents.


Structured Timelines

Providing complete context of abnormal events typically obtained through resource skills that are both expensive and in short supply.


Incident prioritisation

Reducing signal-to-noise ratio, eliminating false positives and focusing on events with abnormal behaviours to reduce resource demand and control costs.


Quicker Incident Resolution

Security orchestration and automation response (SOAR) delivers faster mean-time-to-resolution of threats while using the efforts of fewer full-time employees.


Upgrading to a modern-day SIEM solution will not only save the business money in licencing, resource and any potential breach costs, but it will streamline the teams that use them. Providing intelligent insights will remove the many burdens compliance places on the business, allowing the focus to pursue digital innovation.


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