Accelerate’s / Technology Partner Portfolio

Accelerate Technologies is focused on the challenges that our customers are facing, both current challenges and those that may be on the horizon and even further ahead. We do the due diligence to ensure we have market leading technology partners that wrap well into the solutions that deliver results for our customers.

We work closely with our technology partners to ensure a solid understanding of marketplace posture, learn from challenges experienced by IT users globally, and understand future technologies and roadmaps – ultimately ensuring we can deliver the best possible solutions and services to our customers.

Below is a short list of the carefully selected technology partners that we work with.

Cato Networks converge the physical and virtual connectivity of SD-WAN with the remote access and security of SASE through a cloud managed architecture.

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Cisco’s SD-WAN solutions deliver a wide range of options to meet different business needs, across physical, virtual and cloud platforms.
Fortinet known for their FortiGate Firewalls, deliver high-performance, integrated security solutions for enterprise, mid-size, and small businesses. Fortinet have a focus to deliver visibility, intelligence and cooperation through a layered security approach with their unique Security Fabric.
Versa brings SD-WAN connectivity and agility through full software-based branch networking and enterprise layered security and management.
Riverbed known for WAN Optimisation, help businesses achieve growth through digital transformation by visualising, enhancing performance and experience of applications through their digital performance platform.
Exabeam through their Security Management Platform bring intelligence to assist businesses to be affective and streamline the burden of compliance, improve value of ownership and provide unprecedented strength to security teams to detect, investigate and respond to today’s threats.
Keepnet Labs brings innovative technology to market with their cyber-security awareness and defence platform. Highlighting vulnerabilities in organisations email security defences through technology, processes and people in order to mitigate risk.
Aternity optimise business application performance and help reduce IT Transformation risk by measuring experience across end-users, applications and devices before, during and after.
Gigamon help businesses make informed decisions by delivering end to end visibility of user and application data to improve and measure performance or assist in the detection and response to cyber threats.
Prevalent, a leader in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for IT Vendor Risk Management, provide risk and compliance services through the Prevalent Risk Management platform. Helping customers globally to enhance transparency, reduce risk and improve operational efficiency.
SecurEnvoy were early pioneers in the area of two factor authentication, helping customers deliver enhanced authentication to reduce the risk of account compromise. Today their mission is to deliver enhanced security access through identity, visibility and control with their SecurIdentity platform.
School of Phish free up IT’s time and improve protection, by providing a fully-managed phishing prevention service. Regular phishing simulations and employee awareness training, security policies, threat monitoring, suspicious email reporting and investigation.

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Collaborative Partners

Beacon Consultant Services bring together passion, enthusiasm and extensive experience in data privacy and regulatory compliance to provide support to organisations of all sizes in complying with Data Protection laws.

We are constantly researching and completing due diligence on our existing and future potential technology partners.

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