Webinar: Protect Client Data from Loss in Your DMS

16 June, 2020     Webinar

Webinar: Protect Client Data from Loss in Your DMS

Cloud Visibility Webinar

With increased adoption of cloud computing and SaaS applications, obtaining visibility of user, application and data workflows has given away to the many advantages promised by shared cloud services.

As Legal, Financial and Accounting firms introduce SaaS based document management systems like “iManage”, the advantages it brings to the business in terms of analysis and speed of access, also brings increased risk as an attractive target for cyberattacks.

Through a myriad of legitimate user events of documents being accessed and exported from the DMS, the system can easily mask any malicious behaviour or theft of sensitive client information with the lack of visibility and context. Without obtaining the correct visibility and analysis of user’s interactivity with the DMS it becomes difficult to reliably detect any compromise of data.

64% of Cyber security professionals surveyed, place cloud security as their top concern

In this panellist solution overview we are joined by Exabeam to discuss the advantages of having visibility of every event that may compromise your SaaS application and how insight driven threat identification with behavioural analysis presents indications of threat early on.

We will also understand how Gigamon is able to deliver insights into increasing East/West traffic patterns between public clouds, applications and fast scaling container environments, presenting your organisations security threat and application performance tools with the data they need and care about.

Watch the joint panel webinar

Watch this on-demand webinar where you will:

  • Learn about the gaps in AWS and Azure cloud data visibility tools.
  • Understand how to improve data visibility and accuracy of your current security tools.
  • Improve detection and response to external or internal data loss in business SaaS applications (iManage, SalesForce, O365, Workday, to name a few).

Why you should watch:

  • Bring your Cloud security and visibility levels on par with your current on-premise security.
  • Need to reduce incident response triage time and complexity of inaccurate event data.
  • Planning for future architectures and replacement tools to deliver intelligence to data visibility and incident response.

Who should watch:

  • Network, Security or Cloud Architects
  • Security Analysts
  • Cloud/Security Operations
  • Security and Network Architecture Managers
  • DevOps
Watch the On-Demand Webinar
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