SASE for the New Enterprise Perimeter

With organisations migrating applications to cloud datacentres and public cloud, the Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) architecture is being used to secure and connect branches and remote workers.

How are companies transitioning and taking advantage of this new SASE architecture in a phased approach?

Read the guide to find out how SASE can secure branches and remote users to cloud applications globally and connect multi-cloud and on-premise data centres.

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SASE Migration Guide

Download A Practical Guide to SASE Migration

If you are currently looking at migrating to SASE, there are three key events that can trigger a move to SASE as part of a long-term migration and help fund a project.

MPLS contract renewals, security appliance refreshes and budgeted business initiatives, e.g. cloud migration, regulatory compliance and M&A can all help get a SASE project started.

Read “A Practical Guide to SASE Migration” for more tips.

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MPLS or Affordable Global Private Backbone

Is Internet routing too unpredictable as the basis for a global enterprise backbone? And, if you don’t use the Internet for your global SD-WAN, what are your options?

The traditional answer has been MPLS, but several technological improvements are converging to offer another choice – the Global Private Backbone.

Read the guide to find out how global private backbones provide a global, predictable and secure network, with MPLS-like latency at a much lower cost.

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Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) Guide for Dummies

Solutions like SASE (Secure Access Surface Edge) can make a real difference in simplifying management for IT departments overloaded with handling complex networks and security.

SASE for Dummies explores five key areas –networking/security challenges, how SASE brings networking and security together, core capabilities, use cases and supplier evaluation.

If you are currently evaluating new WAN infrastructures we highly recommend reading this straightforward and practical guide.

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MPLS, SD-WAN, and SASE Guide

MPLS, SD-WAN or SASE, which is the right one for branch connectivity to HQ and the Cloud? What are the trade-offs between these different approaches when embracing global and mobile working?

Download the guide to understand the pros and cons of using these technologies in two branch office scenarios: Branch to HQ Connectivity & Secure Branch access to the Internet and Cloud.

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