01. An Introduction to SASE


For anyone considering, about to start, or already embarked on a SASE project, we’ve put together a wealth of information to help on the journey. If you’re new to SASE products or keen to quickly get an overview of what SASE is, the benefits it can deliver, and a flavour for solution providers and implementation strategies. read our Introduction to SASE blog article. For more background and information, see Further reading.

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An Introduction
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Further reading

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02. SASE Scenarios


One key thing about SASE – its not one size fits all, it’s a framework rather than an architecture, with common scenarios and different phased approaches, that are covered in our new Blog Post. For further reading, our survey report and article on moving to cloud native WAN complete the overview of scenarios for adoption of SASE:-

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Scenarios >

Further reading

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SECURITY AND APPLICATION PERFORMANCE – including remote working at scale, are key aspects of SASE.

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Cyber Security Assessments

03. SASE Vendor Comparison


As you move to create a plan, you will see many vendors present SASE solutions. Your assessment of them will depend on many factors including current architecture, number and location of sites, your adoption of cloud, inhouse IT capabilities, security posture and, of course, remote working.

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Comparisons >

Further reading

+ SASE RFP Template >

We work with a range of partners, to enable the right choices for each client.

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04. Implementation of SASE Products


It’s important to get the right partner to plan your SASE implementation from the start, even with a phased approach. A new survey shows that most organisations with SASE were able to scale up remote users when needed, in hours or days last year, this was only possible with the right configuration.

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Implementation >

Further reading

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05.SASE for SME’s


SME’s resources (financial and time) are often constrained, but users’ expectations are high and its critical to meet them for business success. With the right help SMEs can use SASE to obtain enterprise grade security and network performance, including secure access to cloud services.

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SASE for
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We work with SMEs to implement SD WAN and SASE.

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